Tiny Homes with 400 Square Feet Living Space on Display at RV Show

The Wisconsin RV Super Show is featuring a new trend in living tiny living homes that are only about the size of a two car garage.

The owners of Utopian Villas said the 400 square feet living space have all the comforts you'd expect from spa showers to spiral staircases.

It's the lifestyle that forces you to recognize what's really important.

“So going from a lifestyle with clutter or having a lot of things to really valuing the objects that you have, really making sure that they things that you have are the things that you value the most and the things that you need and you learn appreciate those objects as well as the people around you.”

The tiny homes range in price from around $20,000 up to $80,000.

The homes will on display this weekend at the Wisconsin Center so you can try them on for size.

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