Tiny homes for veterans gets ready to open in Racine

NOW: Tiny homes for veterans gets ready to open in Racine

The James A. Peterson Veteran Village celebrated on Sunday with a ribbon cutting. 

After more than a year and a half, a group of tiny homes are ready for move-in. Veterans will be able to apply to move into one of the 15 tiny homes on Monday. 

Inside each of the tiny homes, there's a bed, tv and microwave but the village offers veterans so much more.

"There are support groups for PTSD, financial workshops, resume help and veteran benefit services," said Jeff Gustin, Co-founder of Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. 

Gustin said it's taken the work of the community to help bring it all together. 

"No one deserves to be homeless especially not someone who fought to secure our freedom. We are going todo whatever it takes to bring that number to zero in our community," said Gustin.

The village is dedicated to veteran James A. Peterson. He was a veteran with PTSD who dedicated his life to helping other veterans. He was killed by a drunk driver back in 2015. His family was there to cut the ribbon.

"Hes really blessed in being able to help fellow veterans. He'd be proud of what it is today," said Daniel Peterson, Peterson's father.

The Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin will start accepting applications on Monday. They will do a background check and if everything goes through, the selected veterans can start moving in next week. 

"As long as it takes. We want to do it right because we want to do it once. We want to bring all the resources here and be successful so when they move on from our program the next time we see them its in a positive light," said Gustin. 

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