Time to "Take Flight" on Tuesdays at Miller

NOW: Time to “Take Flight“ on Tuesdays at Miller

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--The name Miller has been in this town for more than 160 years, and the famous tour most of us have been on shows the evolution of this beer brand.  Now something fairly new just added last fall.  It's called "Take Flight Tuesdays."  At the end of the hour-long walking tour, you'll be served flights of beer instead of taller glasses.  Those with the company say this gives a higher level of education on evaluating beer through A-A-T-M-F.  Appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, and finish.

Also new is a free beer token you can redeem at selected bars and establishments around the area.  The free Miller beer tours take place daily and sometimes on the half hour.  Click here to learn more about what exactly you'll see on the tour.

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