Time to get your "Polish" on at this weekend's Polish Fest along Milwaukee's Lakefront

NOW: Time to get your “Polish“ on at this weekend’s Polish Fest along Milwaukee’s Lakefront

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--Today kicks off the parade of ethnic festivals along Milwaukee's lakefront.  It's the annual Polish Fest held on the Summerfest grounds, and it runs all weekend long.  This year's event is a little extra special because it also marks the 100th anniversary of modern day Poland as we know it.  One new attraction is bound to get a lot of attention.  Two Royal White Bengal Tigers are on display.  These animals symbolize royalty and are said to be revered by the Poles. Event organizers say their appearance will only add to the overall atmosphere of the next few days.

There are about five hundred White Tigers in the world, and 117 of them are found in Poland.  Meantime, if wild animals aren't your thing, you still have plenty to choose from whether it be Polish dancing, food, or music.  Don't forget there are fireworks tomorrow evening and a Catholic Mass on Father's Day starting at 10:15 am.  For all the information about Polish Fest, just click here.

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