Tiger cubs celebrate 1st Birthday at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Milwaukee (CBS 58) -- A big Birthday bash was held at the Milwaukee County Zoo!

The tiger cub triplets, Kashtan, Eloise, and Bernadette each celebrated their first birthdays today.

There was a big crowd on hand to celebrate. The cubs each got a balloon, a present, a bubble bath, and cake!

"I saw the other day that it's their birthday, I forgot it was their first birthday and I said 'Oh, gotta come on Thursday!'" said Zoo visitor Jessica Kearney.

"Just how playful they are. They don't interact much with each other though when they're trying to eat their Birthday cakes," said Zoo visitor Carter Thies.

It's a particularaly big day for Kash. That's because when he was about 1-month-old, he had to fight an infection in his leg which meant he had to be raised away from his sisters.

Now though, his caretakers say he's just as healthy as the other two.

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