Tickets are Available for NFC Championship Game in Atlanta

NOW: Tickets are Available for NFC Championship Game in Atlanta

Many fans were in Dallas this weekend and some of you may now have your sights on Atlanta.

CBS 58 spoke with a local broker who says it's all about how much you're willing to pay and the kind of seats of you are looking for.

The folks over at ticket king say the average price for a ticket right now start at about $350 which is an upper level end zone seat.

Something in the lower level between the 40 and the 50 yard line will put you in the thousand dollar range.

With so many people wanting to take advantage of a good deal brokers suggest doing your research and scooping out the prices.

They said ignore sites like Craigslist.

Instead stick to businesses affiliated with the BBB. 

 â€œI always suggest shopping around, taking a look and seeing what's in the market. And when you find something that you like and a location and price go ahead and buy the tickets. Don't worry about what the market does late in the week,” John Lamoreaux, said Ticket King Owner.

Flights into Atlanta from the Brew City start at just over $185 and go up from there. 

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