Three Milwaukee residents start new jobs thanks to the 'Joseph Project'

NOW: Three Milwaukee residents start new jobs thanks to the ’Joseph Project’


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Three Milwaukee residents had their first day at a new job on Monday thanks to a program called the Joseph Project.

"I'm just so estatic that I finally got me a decent job," one resident said.

It's run through Greater Praise Church of God and Christ.

People looking for work can show up at the church every Wednesday with a resume. They take a week-long class for things like team building and time management and at the end of it, they have a job interview.

The three workers on Monday got jobs with Johnsonville Brats. 

"Because of the Joseph Project, these people get to pay their rent. Because of the Joseph Project, they get to put food on their table and if you haven't figured it out yet, school is about to start and the Joseph Project has helped hundreds of families put clothes on their kids backs," said Pastor Jerome Smith.

So far, more than 300 people have gotten jobs through the Joseph Project.

It was started back in 2015 by Pastor Smith and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

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