Three Charged with Identity Theft After Using Stolen Card at Best Buy and Domino's

A woman in Racine had sex with a man allegedly with the intention of stealing his aunt’s debit card.

Rebecca Boczkowski, Shakur Miller and Curtis Smith are charged with felony personal identity theft.

According to the criminal complaint, Rebecca had sex with the victim’s nephew to distract him while Curtis and Shakur took his debit card.

The incident happened at an after bar party.

The victim’s nephew told police that people came into the room on different occasions and they had to yell at them to leave.

He told police was distracted when the theft occurred.

He picked out Shakur from a photo lineup, and he said he was introduced to him as “Nephew.”

Curtis was introduced to him allegedly with the nickname “Murder.”

Rebecca allegedly apologized to the victim’s nephew because she didn’t want to be involved with the cops.

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