Thousands will lose electricity

Thursday could be lights out for 5,000-6,000 people when the state's heating and electric moratorium ends.

Jimesha Baldwin says, \"It's very stressful to know you have these bills and have no one in your corner to help you out.\"

State agencies are booked with people like Baldwin trying to get energy assistance. Come tomorrow the state's moratorium, that requires energy companies to keep electricity on during cold months, will end.

Who am I going to get to help me, I have a baby, I don't want her in the dark, and food will spoil without electric.\"

We Energies says thousands are behind on their bills and will face lights out.

Cathy Schulze, Spokeswoman for We Energies says, \"What we've been doing over the last several months is contacting people who may be behind on their energy bills.\"

They are now encouraging customers to call and come up with a payment plan to avoid the shut down.

\"We can help with them on payment arrangements, they may qualify for energy assistance and may not be aware that they're in a position to qualify.\"

As for Baldwin she didn't qualify for the energy assistance because she already used it in November and can't use it again in April. She's now focused on scraping together funds.

\"I guess I'll have to save and put money on the payment plan, it's pretty much all I can do right now.\"

If you need to create a payment plan call We Energies at 800-842-4565.

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