This mid-October weekend features some wintry elements too

NOW: This mid-October weekend features some wintry elements too

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--I try to reserve the 4-letter "s" word for the winter months.  But this weekend, including Friday, we could see a few wet snowflakes/light snow showers pass through from time to time, especially on Friday and Sunday.  We have a few weather features rotating through the atmosphere and then a stronger cold front rolling through Sunday morning.  This is why we keeps things a bit unsettled.  But there will be dry hours as well during our weekend.

We're not talking about signifcant accumulation, but there might be a slight amount toward the Northwoods as we work into Saturday. Keep this in mind if you're heading north for some bow hunting.

Next week features more 50s with some rain chances, especially by the middle of the week.  Stay tuned for further updates from the CBS 58 Ready Weather team and make sure you've downloaded the free CBS 58 weather app to keep track of the forecast when you're on the go.

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