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"This is the worst I've seen it:" Residents in Franklin and Mequon deal with frozen flood water

FRANKLIN (CBS 58) -- The water level was high at the Root River on Wednesday. 

Residents like Mark Wesley have noticed water from the river creeping closer to his home in the last few days. 

"All those trees, that's all land. That's underwater and that water is down a good six feet," said Wesley. He lives about one hundred yards from the river. 

With some of the snow melt and rain accumulated in his yard and it froze overnight. 

"This is the worst I've seen it as far as an ice rink.You know usually the rain doesn't freeze this quickly," said Wesley. 

In Mequon, residents like Janet Hunt noticed she and her neighbors had frozen yards. 

"It melted but it was still icy underneath and this morning everything was frozen," said Hunt. 

The flood stage in Root River crested Tuesday night. The level is expected to fall below flood stage Wednesday evening. 

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