Think and Believe Self Empowerment Conference May 24th at Majestic in Brookfield

NOW: Think and Believe Self Empowerment Conference May 24th at Majestic in Brookfield

Brookfield -

It's easy enough to say; believe in yourself.

In real life, for many it's a little harder to execute.

Nick Dillon and Tim McMurtry joined us live Monday on the CBS 58 News at 4 to let viewers know about "Think & Believe Live 2017."

It's  an interactive empowerment experience that he says will help ticket holders  find clarity in life, career, business, and relationships.

"You would think self esteem issues would be a low percentage," says Dillon.

He says in reality, nine out of ten people have serious self doubt in pursuing their career.

The event is Wednesday, May 24th from 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM CDT at the Marcus Majestic Cinema, 770 North Springdale Road in Brookfield, WI.

Dillon has appeared on BET with Ed Gordon, BlogTalkRadio, and been featured as a speaker keynote speaker for several national conferences and organizations.

"We will give people a road map to reaching their potential. We want to make sure people get an experience. The event, the meal the networking, Denise Thomas and Claude MCFarlane will also be there." 

McMurtry says people fall into self sabotage. "Doubt. Unless you're told often in life your are great, your ideas are wonderful, it becomes difficulty to believe that you have the capacity to do something great."

He used the example of the creators of the Erin Hills Golf Course who faced many naysayers and are now hosting this year's U.S. Open.

"I think belief is so important and its transcends race, color the whole nine."

Tickets for the Think and Believe event start at $40. Group tickets are also available.

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