"There's not many moments like this:" Fans react to Brewers win over Cubs

NOW: “There’s not many moments like this:“ Fans react to Brewers win over Cubs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The party is on at Jack's on Brady Street.

If you look around, you'll see everyone from bartenders to customers in Brewers gear.

A lot of Milwaukeeans made it out to cheer for the hometown, the Milwaukee Brewers. Many of them didn't want to talk with CBS 58 News after calling in from work to watch the game at a bar.

But some had the day off or took half days. 

One owner of an electrical company even gave all his staff the full day off. They were rewarded with the win.

Fans say it's not just about the win but who it was against.

"Especially the fact that this came against the Cubs, you know that long season and you have the same record. It's unbelieveable. There's two tiebreaker games today and it was against our biggest rival," said Brewers fan Jack Boatman.

"There's not many moments like this, especially with the Brewers. I've been watching them since I was little. I'm 52. I'm an old man so to see them go through this. This has been a great season," said Brewers fan Mark Bergdahl.

A lot of the BRewers fans are sticking around for the second game on. The Brew Crew will face the winner of the Rockies and Dodgers.

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