Theft Suspect Walks into Police Officer While Attempting to Flee

A suspect who allegedly stole merchandise from a Walmart in Madison walked right into an officer while trying elude officers, according to a release.

A Madison Police Officer was dealing with an accident in the parking lot of Walmart, located in the 4100 block of Nakoosa Trail just after 11:14 AM on March 17. 

The officer heard over on his radio that loss prevention officers from Walmart were pursuing a suspect who fled the store after they witnessed him steal merchandise.  The officer started to trace the direction of travel by the suspect, who was later identified as Raheem Brack. 

According to the release, an officer located the suspect approximately one block away, after the immediate vicinity was canvassed. The suspect had fled through a construction area, and ended up walking right into the officer that was sent to check the neighborhood.  


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