The Waiting Room Maestro

A Milwaukee County man spends a lot of time playing the piano and he is giving a lot more than just the gift of music.            

Most days you'll find Mr. Len Pawelski at the Aurora West Allis Medical Center.

Len wears a fishing hat while playing and stays comfortable in his new balance shoes.

"It all started out with my wife having surgery and I found this thing, this piano over here, I had two nurses track me down off of this thing because now she was out of surgery. I didn't have to sit in that waiting room and everything was okay,” says Pawelski.

Four years later, he is still a regular.

The hospital even keeps the piano in tune for him.

Over the time that he's been playing, he's raised over $8,000 for different causes at the hospital.

The first chunk of that money when to neo-natal intensive care.

"Way back when, I lost my first kid to a disease that is now treatable. It was a very sad experience in my life. But I come over here when I saw this neo-natal stuff and said hey, no problem," says Pawelski.

Len now raises money for the hospital's end-of-life or hospice care.

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