The U.S. Supreme Court's Non-Committal Decision: Gay Couples Rejoicing

(Milwaukee)-The U.S. Supreme Court decided not hear appeals on several gay marriage bans struck down in recent months. This leaves the lower court's decision overturning those bans intact and clears the way for same sex marriages to resume in all the states falling within the jurisdiction of those appellate courts. The total number of states is 30, including Wisconsin.

For Matt Schreck and his life partner Fernando Guiterrez, it's been a long summer. Four months of wondering if the vows they took in early June really meant anything. Now, the U.S. Supreme Court has given them and so many others a validation.

Garth Wangemann can relate. He's been with his partner, Roy Badger, for 30 years. November 7th is their anniversary. They plan on making this their wedding date. Garth and Roy along with seven other couples were part of a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriage. They were part of a news conference with the ACLU on Monday.

Meantime, Karina Willes of west Milwaukee no longer has to wonder if she's actually a real mother to her six month old daughter. Until now, only one gay parent could be on the child's birth certificate. Kami Young has been the only name listed.

The ACLU believes at some point the U.S. Supreme Court will decide on marriage equality for the entire nation after the issue is hashed out in other circuit courts.

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