The Sogard Seven

NOW: The Sogard Seven

Eric Sogard’s dance card is still filled with baseball this summer, but it looks a little different. With the season still on hold, the Brewers infielder is spending father’s day, and the last 8 months, at home with his growing family.

“It’s definitely a little bit different being home at this time of year. I think it has been a blessing  for being able to be here on a daily basis and spend so much time with the kids.

Eric and his wife Kaycee have five kids…all under seven years old.

“Early on I told myself I’m just going to be one of the kids, be the big kid and have fun, it’s been a truly special experience.”

“As a professional athlete so much of your life is baseball. How does being a father help you on the field and as a man?”
“I think it helps me tremendously. I think it really helps me separate the game and not always take it home. There’s when you come home 0/4 with 4 Ks or games where you hit 3 HRs and it doesn’t matter the second you step through the door you have the kids running to you yelling ‘daddy’ with open arms. It’s truly the best feeling ever.”

Now they’re looking to play it forward. After adopting their two youngest.

“It’s been an amazing experience. We always say these kids cannot be loved by too many people.”

Eric and Kaycee have started working with the “Gift of Adoption Fund,” whose mission is to help parents looking to adopt financially.

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