The Heat is on Through This Weekend

We're still waiting for our first significant punch of hot and humid air. And the wait is over by the end of the week and through this upcoming weekend! We don't typically experience our first ninety of the season until the middle of June:

But it can certainly happen before that. The last five years show our first ninety arriving ahead of time for all but one of those years. And the topic of heat is right on cue with Wisconsin's Heat Awareness Day on Wednesday. 
These are the two types of heat alerts we can see triggered in our area during the warm months. Generally, heat is just one part of the equation, with humidity the added factor in creating conditions concerning enough for things like a Heat Advisory or Heat Warning. And the humidity will be building into the upcoming weekend. 
 Along with hot temperatures. 
This heat and humidity will easily combine for feels-like temps into the middle 90s. While it's definitely sultry weather, it appears to stay under Heat Advisory criteria. That said, this is a good time to be reminded of heat dangers and tips. 
 It's a good idea to check on your friends and neighbors this weekend with the heat expected. And for those who are using physical exertion outside, be cautious to not overwork yourself. Here's what can happen if heat gets to you. 
 Knowing this information can keep you and loved ones safe during the upcoming hot season. Download the CBS58 ReadyWeather App to plan out your day around the hot temps expected this weekend. You can follow hourly temps and a detailed forecast right for your area, or for places you travel! 

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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