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The healing power of trees along the Hank Aaron Trail on the grounds of the Milwaukee VA Medical Center

 The planting began Thursday along the Hank Aaron Trail on the grounds of the Zablocki VA Medical Center.

The first of 50 trees donated by the Brewers to replace the aging trees on the historic property.

They're planting native species from Oak to Hawthorne, another 100 will go elsewhere along the trail.

This is the fourth year the baseball team has made such a  donation to beautify the area.

\"They've done multiple studies to say that when people have a hospital stay and they have a view of trees, they will actually use less pain medication and recover quicker with a view of the trees,\" explained Kim Sebastian of the DNR.

Gary Kunich of the Milwaukee VA Medical Center says one tree is donated for every 20,000 tickets sold and that the patients and visitors alike have long been appreciative of the Brewers generosity when it comes to maintaining the beauty of the sprawling property.

\"I think it's one of the most beautiful places in Milwaukee,\" Kunich told CBS 58 News. \"I look at it like this, veterans have entrusted us with their care here since 1869 and now we're planting a new generation of trees for a new generation of veterans.\"

The tree planting was featured on \"Our Stories with Michele.\" It's a regular feature on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. showing people and organizations in the community making an impact to give viewers a better and complete perspective of the place we call home.

Michele's story is attached, enjoy.

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