The Great US Treasure Hunt: Milwaukee residents have a chance to find $1,000 coin hidden somewhere

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- This weekend, Milwaukee residents have a chance to go on a treasure hunt and find a $1,000 coin hidden somewhere. 

It's all part of The Great U.S. Treasure Hunt, with Milwaukee being its last stop! 

According to a news release, on Saturday, Sept. 3, somewhere in a 50-mile radius of the North Point Lighthouse will be a small brass coin, hidden in public, above ground, with clues pointing to its exact location.

Here's how to play: Register your email at Players will receive five puzzles, at least one of which will reveal the precise spot where the coin is hidden. 

The puzzles are easy enough for even a non-puzzle person to solve, according to organizers. “Our first winners included a truck driver, a retail worker, and a student,” said the Hunt’s president Jeff Kessler, who grew up in Milwaukee and will be in town to award the prize. “We’ve really tried to make this fun and engaging for everyone.”

Thousands of players have already registered for the nationwide hunt, but Milwaukee locals will have an advantage, according to organizers.

“Even if you aren’t a great puzzle solver, you could partner with someone via Facebook or other social media. They can solve the puzzle, then direct you to the coin, and you each get $500.”

Five puzzles will be emailed to all registered players between 10-11 a.m. There is no cost to play.

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