The Explorium Brewpub Opens Jan. 25th

NOW: The Explorium Brewpub Opens Jan. 25th

There is a new local brewery in town.

The Explorium Brewpub opened its doors Wednesday at Southridge Mall.

Mike and Joan Doble with a history in brewing, founded The Explorium Brewpub.

According to their Facebook page, “with a passion for hospitality, Mike and Joan Doble founded The Explorium Brewpub in 2016 to satisfy their desire to bring together friendly service, tasty house made beer, and great food at a reasonable price.”

They currently have four of their own beers on tap and hope to fill twelve more taps soon.

For now they are serving beer from other local breweries as well as a full food menu.

"We're a little different than a lot of the breweries in the market because we offer a full food menu, but we don't view the other breweries as competition as much as we view them as friends."

The Explorium Brewpub is on the upper level of Southridge mall near Macy's.

If you are interested in giving it a try, use the southwest entrance.

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