The Edge CCT helps military officers and veterans

Milwaukee - Garrett Fitzgerald created the new Edge College Connection Tool website in Milwaukee. The Edge CCT provides the nation's veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families with a web-based college matching tool, free of charge. The program gives the user the ability to build a comprehensive profile detailing their educational history, community involvement, and military accolades.

Once a profile is completed, the veteran can fill out an advanced college filter based on institutional cost, size, geographic location, etc. Based on this information, and the qualifications listed on the profile, the program can generate a list of colleges and universities that best matches the veteran's preferences and qualifications.

The user can choose his or her schools-of-interest and begin direct communications with them by sending their profiles to the admissions and veterans affairs offices. Colleges and universities can also actively recruit and personally reach out to college-bound users to express their interest and create an open dialogue where more questions are answered.

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