'The cool air is very welcome:' Temperature drops 24 degrees after Milwaukee area storms

NOW: ’The cool air is very welcome:’ Temperature drops 24 degrees after Milwaukee area storms

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Many people were struggling with the heat outdoors early Saturday morning, but the extreme heat got a big cool down by the afternoon with the temperature dropping 24 degrees.

At Festa Italiana, things were back to normal Saturday night, but for part of the day, people had to take cover. The people at the Hardcore Italians clothing store tent ran to a safe place. 

“There was lightning we had to all run upstairs, then we ran to the bathroom,” Marissa Depaoli of Hardcore Italians said. “It was crazy, we had to close the tent very fast.”

Over at the Waukesha County Fair, people were also running for cover and enjoying some of the indoor events the fair offers.

“We've been doing a pretty good job staying out of it,” Fair attendee Shawn Hoppert said. “Tent jumping,” Lauren Talatzko continued.  

The storm brought heavy winds and lightning to the Milwaukee area. A tree near 39th and Center snapped. The homeowner said he is lucky nothing was damaged and no one was hurt.

“All of a sudden the wind starts blowing, and the next thing you know the tree started giving and I heard a lot of cracking and she just gave out and fell,” James Elston said.

The storms also brought a much-needed cool-down to the area. The temperature went from 93 degrees to 69 degrees in less than two hours on Saturday.

“The cool air is very welcome, especially after yesterday was scorching,” Fair attendee Ian Steffen said.

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