The "Boys of Summer" Playing in Wintry Conditions

Thank goodness for a closed roof at Miller Park.  This will definitely be one of the coldest home openers in the past five years.  Beside the snow showers, we're looking at steady temperatures in the low to mid 30's with scattered snow showers too, mainly Lake effect activity.  With the winds in from the northeast, it'll feel like the 20's all day long!

It hasn't been this cold for a home opener since 2013 when the high hit 37.  But five years ago, it was close to 65.  And just think if the game was yesterday.  We would have been basking in 70 degree temperatures.

Unfortunately, the weather doesn't get much better for Primary Day Tuesday with highs only near 40.  We could see some wintry mix by day's end as well.  This is a good reason why you should download the CBS58 weather app when you're on the go. like tailgating at the Brewers game . This was you can keep track of where the rain/snow mix is.  Also you can send us pictures this way or mail them to [email protected]

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