Holiday Drivers Beware: Snow Sunday could make a messy commute back home

NOW: Holiday Drivers Beware: Snow Sunday could make a messy commute back home

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) –- Heavy snowfall expected Sunday could make the trip home difficult for nearly a million Wisconsin drivers heading back after the long Thanksgiving weekend. It’s the perfect storm, on one of the busiest travel days of the year, drivers could be seeing messy conditions on the roads. 

Village ACE Hardware in Glendale was busy all day Friday as Wisconsinites get prepared for the heavy snowfall on Sunday.

“They want to get ready for the holidays and whatever snow is coming,” Sales Associate Allison Sullivan said.

Shopper Mike Skauge is prepping his snow blower.

“I'm just doing a preventative tune-up,” Skauge said. “Making sure it's going to work when I pull the cord.”

Experts say because drivers are all trying to get home at the same time, conditions on the roads could be busier on Sunday than it was on Thanksgiving. Shopper Christine McDonald is one of nearly a million Wisconsinites hitting the road on Sunday. She’s driving her grandson back to Madison, but not before she buys items to prep her car for the snow.

“I have a scraper and the windshield washer fluid because I always go through a lot of that when it's slushy,” McDonald said.

Experts suggest before drivers hit the road Sunday to make sure their cars are winter ready. Drivers should:

  • Put in winter washer fluid, keep in mind there is a fluid specific for winter driving 
  • Make sure you check your tire pressure and tread depth
  • Put an emergency bag in your trunk with things like a flashlight, blanket, gloves, snacks and water bottles

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