Teenage Girl Runs Over Man with SUV

A brawl between a group of teenage girls in Racine happened Sunday night. A father who was trying to break up the fight is now in the hospital.

"This is the first time I've ever seen an incident like this at this scale," said neighbor Eric Ellis. 

Eric Ellis was on his way to the drug store, when he saw group of teenage girls yelling and fighting in the middle of the street.

"The dad was trying to break it up, and tell them to go in the house, and stay. He was trying to squash it down. But the girls that were fighting, kept pushing it, egging it on," said Ellis. 

That's when Ellis said the man, ended up the target himself. One of the girls grabbed a hammer out of her car, and started charging at him. 

Ellis said when the father took the hammer away, things took a turn for the worse. The girl got in her SUV and ran him over twice. "She sat there and said call the police, call the police," he said.

Ellis said first responders showed up within minutes and  rushed him to the hospital. "People thought he was dead. He did probably black out right away from the impact, but he was moving around once they got him on the stretcher," said Ellis. 

He hopes this brawl will be a lesson for everyone involved. "Look what happened at the end. Nobody won. People going to jail. Man in the hospital. It should never be like that. People should want to always be able to get along," he said.  

Police did not know the man's current condition, But said it seemed as though he will be okay.

Investigators said they're still gathering information.

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