Teal and gray, pink and white? Internet rages over shoe colors

Remember "the dress?" Now, take a look at "the shoe."

It's been almost three years since the black and blue (or white and gold!) dress swept the internet by storm. Now, here's another image to rage about among friends and family.

Is this Vans shoe teal and gray? Pink and white? There only can be one right response, right?

Twitter: What colour is this

Poll: This vans shoe is...

"Color is our perception — our interpretation of the light that's in the world," Arthur Shapiro, a professor at American University who specializes in visual perception, told USA TODAY in 2015.

"Individual wavelengths don't have color, it's how our brains interpret the wavelengths that create color," he says. In the case of the dress, some of us interpret those wavelengths to be blue and black, and others interpret the wavelengths as white and gold.

"In reality, it's light coming off of the computer screen, and then our brain interprets it and those interpretations can differ," according to Shapiro.

The "Today" show found what appears to be the actual Vans shoes on the company's online store. The description: mahogany rose/true white.

Case closed?

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