Teachers crowdfund for new home, asking for $1

If toddler laughs and mommy cuddles could translate to cold hard cash, the Young family would be rich. But, like many American families, Milwaukee Public School teachers Diana and Aaron are barely rubbing two pennies together.

\"It's hard, we've been trying to save and trying and we've had all those fallbacks,\" Diana Jones-Young said.

Between hospital bills for their preemie 6-month-old twins, a car accident that totaled their vehicle, and day to day expenses, bills piled up. To make matters worse the family also got kicked out of their rental.

\"Last week Thursday they came over and told us that the house was closing on Monday and that we would have to move out,\" Jones-Young said. 

Forever the hopeless optimist, Diana came up with a master plan.

\"I said honey, do you think we could find 150,000 friends to give us a dollar each?\" 

She jokingly set up a YouCaring crowd-funding page and asked for help to buy a home. Diana’s husband Aaron thought she was crazy.

\"I just kind of snickered like, I can't believe you're actually doing this.\" 

What happened next was even more unbelievable...in just one day the young's raised $900 and counting. 

\"Sometimes you have to ask for help, and that's kind of what we're doing, just asking for help,\" Young said holding back tears. 

The two admit there are others in more need, but they are big dreamers, and are in awe that strangers could believe in them too.

\"It surprised me that people are well, willing to do that.\" 

The Young's only want $1 from each person, you can donate at this link.

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