Target rakes in the green for "50 Shades of Grey"

Set to open Valentine's Day weekend, the movie \"50 Shades of Grey\" is expected to rake in millions. 

The movie is based on the controversial book, sometimes dubbed 'Mommy Porn,' and for retail giant Target, the safe word is \"bullseye.\"

\"Honestly, to each their own, it's not a big deal, if they can make money doing that's totally fine,\" said Becca Gillivan, who read the book.

Target stores around the country, including several in the Milwaukee area, are carrying a small selection of \"50 Shades of Grey\" brand \"pleasure products\" in the pharmacy section next to contraceptives.

\"I have no problem with it at all-- I think it's fine,\" said Lauren Framberg, who plans to watch the movie.

While many shoppers don't seem to mind the items, the adult theme in a family store-- still raises some eyebrows.

\"I don't think that should be appropriate, but if it's just adults going over there, but kids are there, so I think it shouldn't be there,\" said Alissa Webber.

While many families take their children into Target, some say little ones have no business in that part of the store.

\"Hopefully they're not in the contraception aisle to begin with,\" said Gillivan.

We reached out to Target, but have not heard back from a company spokesperson.   


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