Talking Dangers of Cold Weather

Today is the coldest morning so far this fall season. While chills this morning only fell between five and ten below across our area, the brutal wind chills worse than 35 below occurred up north. Take a look:


         Once wind chills reach that threshold – frostbite can occur on exposed skin in just ten minutes.

          And the longer you are exposed to the extreme cold – the more dangerous it becomes.

          Last winter there were 75 cold related deaths in wisconsin up from 38 deaths during the previous winter.

          Over a quarter of those deaths were due to alcohol.

          However, older individuals are the most susceptible to the dangers of cold due to unnoticed falls and poor blood circulation.

          Last winter the average age of those who died due to extreme cold was 66 years old.

          So as we head through this winter -- remember to layer up and cover all extremities. Try to avoid wearing cotton as it takes longer to dry if it gets wet versus wearing wool. Loose layers under a wind and water resistent jacket is also the way to go. Before you spend any extended time outdoors -- let friends and family know where and when you'll be traveling. Check in on the eldery or those living alone -- and limit outdoor time for your pets. And for your home, you still have time to insulate your windows, and get your furnace checked. 

You can always track the cold weather with our CBS58 Ready Weather App. It's free for Apple and Android products.

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