Taking the bus to Summerfest? There's a new way to pay for Summerfest Freeway Flyer riders

NOW: Taking the bus to Summerfest? There’s a new way to pay for Summerfest Freeway Flyer riders

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Riders taking the Summerfest Freeway Flyer buses won't have to pay the fare until they get to the Summerfest grounds.

It's a new change this year in effort to help speed up boarding times. 

"People simply walk on, get off at the Summerfest grounds where you can give money to a person so whether you can pay, cash, credit or the M-Card," said Brendan Conway, Milwaukee County Transit System. 

For some festival goers, they've already seen a difference getting on. 

“It used to bunch up and be a long line in the front of the bus and the back of the bus," said Donna Carini. 

In years past, when riders paid on the bus, it would slow down the line. This change is only in place for Freeway Flyer rides and does not impact regular routes or the Summerfest Downtown Shuttle. 

When the bus arrives to the grounds, riders are directed to booths where they can pay for a round-trip fare and get a wrist band. 

"I thought it was really efficient," said Nancy Brandt, festival goer. 

Riders will need the wristband for the trip back. For festival goers looking to get a one-way trip to a stop, they will need to pay the full fare at the booth before heading to the bus. 

"We’ve had some feedback this year. Some people ask, 'Why isn’t there a one-way?'" Conway said.  "We’ve never had a one-way fare for Summerfest but like we do every year, we will re-examine and next year look if we should have a one-way. We will always look for ways to improve.”

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