'Take precautions:' Church in Cudahy claims someone has been stealing their mail

’Take precautions: ’ Church in Cudahy claims someone has been stealing their mail


CUDAHY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Some people in Cudahy are troubled by a few reports of possible mail thefts and tampering.

Cudahy Police say they have not seen an increase in mail thefts. In the last few weeks, they have received reports of a possible stolen package and possible mail tampering.

Cudahy United Methodist Church said they have been dealing with stolen mail since about March.

The church’s most recent piece of stolen mail was snatched in June.

In each case, Pastor Lynn Hines-Levy said the suspect ripped open the envelope, stole what was inside, and left the envelope behind.

The church believes many of the envelopes contained checks from church members who had recently lost family members.

“This is something being given out of their heart and to take that from them is just ripping a piece of their heart,” Pastor Hines-Levy said.

The Church isn’t sure how much money has been stolen but says they have reported the thefts to police and the post office, but without solid evidence, they were told there is not much that can be done.

The church said they have also received a few threatening letters since February relating to the church’s acceptance of all people.

“Those have been regarding LGBTQ,” Pastor Hines-Levy said. “We are very firm believers that we are to welcome and accept our neighbors regardless of who they are, as they are.”

The church does not believe the mail thefts and threats are related, but they are now locking their doors during services and purchasing a locked mailbox.

“I really hate to take these precautions,” Pastor Hines-Levy said. “We’re a church we’re supposed to be welcoming we’re supposed to be open.”

They are sharing their story to warn others.

“Watch your mail, watch what’s going in and going out, and take precautions,” Pastor Hines-Levy said.

The post office says if you are concerned about your mail, report it to your local post office.

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