"Sweet Water Milwaukee" on keeping waterways clean by controlling rain water runoff

Sweet Water is a non-profit group that's working on several different fronts to restore the Greater Milwaukee watersheds to conditions that are healthy for swimming and fishing.

Jake Fincher was a special live guest Thursday on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. to talk about controlling rainwater run off.

Runoff is precipitation that the ground doesn't soak up.

It's one of the biggest threats to water quality.

The simple installation of rainwater barrels and then using that water for gardens and around the yard could help dramatically in reducing pollutants if there could be wide ranging participation.

Fincher also pointed out that leaves can pose a major threat with the approach of fall.

Like runoff, leaves carries sediments that clog streams and reduce oxygen in the water, as well as chemicals that poison aquatic ecosystems and can render water supplies undrinkable. 

\"Being conscious of what we do.\" implored Fincher. \"Everything in our yard goes somewhere. Dog waste for example. There's a lot of dogs in Milwaukee.  There's a lot of yards where that can collect and runoff into our waterways. Just think about what you do.\"

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Here are some additional suggestions:

This fall, plant a rain garden or a tree. 
Become a volunteer river monitor. 
Install a rain barrel. 
Avoid products with microbeads. 
Consider skipping the fall application of lawn fertilizer or reduce it. 
Dispose of fall yard debris (sticks, leaves, annuals, etc.) properly. 
Pick up pet poop and any trash on streets, in parking lots and on driveways. 

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