Suspects in Fatal Shooting of City Employee Charged

NOW: Suspects in Fatal Shooting of City Employee Charged
Milwaukee -

Suspects in the fatal shooting of the city employee have been charged.

According to the criminal complaint, the suspects went on a “crime spree” on March 22.

Deshaun Scott, Qhualun Shaw and Eric Smiley were charged with the crime spree.

Among the charges, Deshaun Scott was charged with first degree reckless and homicide. Shaw and Smiley were charged with felony murder.

The three defendants allegedly began the crime spree in a stolen Toyota.

At a gas station, the three defendants stole a second car.

The victim told police, she was pumping gas into her car when the man pointed the shotgun at her and robbed her.

One of the defendants allegedly told police they robbed her because “she wouldn’t fight as hard as a man.”

Smiley tried to pick up his son in the stolen Kia, but the mother of the child refused. When she refused he punched her in the face. Her mother called police and she tried to put the car in park but he dragged her with the car until she let go of the steering wheel.

Scott told police they decided to steal the Mustang from the city employee. Scott walked up to the employee and told him not to move. As Scott was adjusting his hand on the shot gun it allegedly went off.

After fatally shooting the city employee, the defendants were involved in police chases with the Kia and Toyota.

Lifesaving measures were not attempted of first responders because of the catastrophic nature of the victim's injury. 

The Kia crashed near 18th and Nash Street and the occupants fled on foot before being captured.

The Toyota crashed near 26th Street and Auer Avenue. The two occupants were pinned inside the Toyota and exited through the sun roof. They were captured after a foot chase. 

CBS 58 was there when they made their first appearances in court.

CBS 58's Lindsey Branwall noting that Scott, the alleged trigger man, was crying.

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