Suspects cited for I-43 drag racing

NEW BERLIN-- YouTube video posted of a drag race on I-43 leads to citations for two men. 

The video was taken down by the group \"Midwest Street Drags\" shortly before CBS-58's first story on the video aired on September 12, but by then, the video already gained tremendous attention in the Milwaukee Metro.

\"I personally wouldn't do it, but these guys with the high dollar cars, want to see how fast they are,\" said Greg Gress, a local car enthusiast.

The video shows two cars racing down what appears to be I-43 near the Moorland exit in New Berlin.  You never see the drivers.  The signs and license plates are also blurred out, but it was enough for Waukesha County Sheriff's Office to cite Mark Scaffidi and Konrad Peters for street racing.

\"He was aware that it was being video taped, but not that it was being uploaded,\" said Paul Bucher, an attorney representing Scaffidi.

Bucher says Scaffidi is suspected of driving one of the cars in the video,  Scaffidi happens to own several automotive businesses in the area. 

\"I told him, what do you expect?  I mean-- it's video.  He feels bad, you know for the embarrassment and humiliation, he really does,\" said Bucher.

Local car enthusiasts say when you get two guys together with souped up rides-- sometimes it just turns into a battle for bragging rights.

\"If they don't do it there-- they'll find another spot,\" said Gress.

Fines for street racing are nearly $400.  Waukesha County Sheriff's Office expects to issue more citations related to this street racing case, later this week.

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