Suspect steals purse from car at crash scene, Racine Police investigating

NOW: Suspect steals purse from car at crash scene, Racine Police investigating


RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Racine Police are looking for a person in connection to a theft at a car crash scene. Authorities say following a rollover crash near Yout and Erie streets, a person went into the victim’s vehicle and took a purse. This happened while the victim was waiting on the side of the road for help.

The victim, Jean Dunk, said the man helped her to get out of the vehicle before stealing her purse. 

"Some people were pulling me out over the glass," Dunk said. 

The man who helped her wasn’t a Good Samaritan after all, as police say he took her purse while she was waiting for medical help.

“I could have been knocked unconscious in the accident and the police could have needed my ID to identify who I was and this person they have no morals they just ran off,” she said.

The thief was quick to use her money too. Dunk says she received fraudulent activity notifications from her bank as she was on the way to the hospital.

"They had gone to McDonald's, liquor stores, beauty supply stores, and gas stations all within an hour," she said. 

Dunk is now hoping photos will help find the person who took advantage of her. 

"If he is willing to steal from somebody that’s at the scene of an accident, I don’t know what other crimes he will commit," Dunk said. "If he has a lack of morals and empathy that goes along with a car accident. I don’t want him to hurt other people."

People with information on the suspect’s identity are asked to call police at 262-635-7756 or Crime Stoppers at 262-636-9330.

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