Suspect in southeast Wisconsin crime spree caught on camera

NOW: Suspect in southeast Wisconsin crime spree caught on camera


WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee man is now charged after going on a crime spree throughout Southeast Wisconsin late last year.

Steven Custer, 40, is charged with numerous felonies including burglary and theft.

In November, he is accused of ramming stolen truck through the front doors of Bill’s Power Center in Brookfield.

“Pretty bad shape, doors were gone, everything was pushed in,” owner David Rosenberg said.

Their security cameras recorded the crash.

Custer got away with four generators.

This is just one of a handful of crimes Custer is accused of committing in November and December 2018.

“Just shocked that the guy had the whole thing planned out, how to get in and out of here in less than a minute,” Rosenberg said.

Custer’s rap sheet includes crashing the same stolen truck into a Greenfield Speedway and stealing cigarettes, stealing gas, license plates, using stolen credit cards and more.

In December, he is accused of stealing a truck and snowplow from a Best Western in Brookfield.

Custer is also accused of stealing a trailer from Integrity Environmental Services with about $1,600 worth of equipment inside.

Police say Custer sold some of the stolen items to Patrick Flanagan who is now charged with “receiving stolen property.”

Flanagan told police he did not know the items were stolen.

Police say Custer told his mom on the phone in jail that he “did little nonsense things to make a little money, but nothing to really get me in trouble.”

Bill’s Power Center is happy they were reunited with some of the stolen generators.

“Fortunate to get them back,” Rosenberg said. “Usually you don’t get anything back.” Police arrested Custer in February.

Brookfield Police say he is being held at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility.

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