Suspect in Snapchat Murder Decides Not To Change Plea

Sarah Zakzesky, one of three suspects in the death of 20 year old Delvin Mendoza Chaparro, did not make a change of plea Wednesday as originally scheduled.

Zakzesky's attorney told CBS 58's Kyle Aevermann in the courtroom that new developments had come up, and the plea change would be adjourned.

Zakzesky, along with brothers Devin and Branden Katzfey were all arrested in connection to the death of 20 year old Delvin Mendoza Chaparro.

The criminal complaint said that Devin and Zakzesky beat and kicked Mendoza Chaparro, after accusing him of stealing a bong, pipe and other drug-related items.

Devin that used the victim’s Snapchat account to document his bruised and bloody face.

Zakzesky also confessed to police that she drove the car when the suspects dropped the victim’s body in a snowy alleyway where he died.

On Tuesday, Branden Katzfey pleaded guilty to party of a homicide.

Meanwhile, both Devin and Zakzesky will have jury trials, which are scheduled for May.

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