Suspect accused of siphoning gas, wild chase captured on Greendale Police dash cam

NOW: Suspect accused of siphoning gas, wild chase captured on Greendale Police dash cam

GREENDALE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee man is accused of siphoning gas from a Greendale business earlier this month. 

According to the criminal complaint, William Lyon, 45, led police on a chase and it didn't stop until officers pinned his car against a tree. 

Lyon is charged with theft, attempting to flee or elude an officer, second degree recklessly endangering safety, and obstructing an officer.

On November 9th, Greendale Police was out patrolling when an officer noticed a guy who appeared to be siphoning gas in J & B Heating parking lot. 

Surveillance video captured Lyon out in the parking for 45 to 50 minutes. 

"He was just siphoning gas and he wasn’t worried if anyone was around and my parking lot is lit up like Mitchell international so he wasn’t afraid to do what he was doing," said Barbara Schutta. 

When Lyon took off, police followed. 

Dash camera video shows Lyon driving erratically, going through stop signs, making U-turns through medians and stopping abruptly to try to get police to crash. 

At S. 84th Street, an officer used a spike strip to finally slow him down. Another did a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver to spin the truck out. At this point, he was stuck between two squad cars. One officer pulled out a gun and told him to get out. But he didn't, instead, he revved up his engine, backed up and sideswiped one of the squad cars. 

A Greenfield Police officer did a second PIT maneuver and then pushed him off the road into a tree. According to police, he tried to flee but an officer broke the driver's side window with a baton. Lyon held onto the steering wheel while officers pulled him out. 

Lyon will be in court on Wednesday for his preliminary hearing. 

“I'm just glad the cops are out there and they are doing their job. They were able to catch the people who take stuff from hardworking people," Shutta said. 

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