Suspect Accused of Shooting at Milwaukee Police Officers Arrested in Indianapolis

UPDATE: Brian Clark, the man suspected of shooting at Milwaukee Police officers, was arrested in Indianapolis March 8.

The criminal complaint against Clark shows officers narrowly avoided being shot during the encounter.

According to the complaint, officers spotted a black Audi SUV in the parking lot of this gas station, just after 6 pm February 26. Police decided to approach the SUV because the car was stolen and the driver, Brian Clark, was suspected to be involved in a drug deal minutes earlier.

One police car pulled up behind the Audi and another in front so the suspects couldn’t flee. An officer got out of one of the cars, drew his weapon and yelled "stop, police" as he approached Clark and another suspect, Dyllan Mahoney.

According to the criminal complaint, the officer was about four feet from Clark and saw that Clark "was holding a semi-automatic handgun." The officer stated "as he looked down the barrel of the gun he thought he was going to get killed." The officer didn’t shoot but started to back peddle. That's when investigators say Clark shot at police and the officer fired back.

After the exchange of gunfire, court documents state Clark drove the Audi in to the police car parked in front of him, pushing it out of the way, and took off, eventually escaping officers.

Clark was captured March 8 in Indianapolis.

No one was shot during the incident but a witness told police he saw Clark fire first and that it seemed like the suspect was "trying to take out the police officer."

Police arrested Mahoney and another man, Zachary Bartosiak, at the scene. According to the complaint, both men admitted to they were buying crack cocaine, heroin and oxycodone from Clark that night. Mahoney and Bartosiak face drug charges.

The Audi was stolen from Whitefish Bay less than a week before this incident and the suspected gun used was also stolen during a burglary last month.

Clark is still in Indianapolis awaiting extradition to Milwaukee to face charges including attempted homicide.


A suspect was arrested that Milwaukee Police believe fired shots at officers on February 26 on  7th and Oklahoma Avenue.

According to police, the suspect is Brian L. Clark. 

He was arrested on March 8th in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Milwaukee Police is awaiting his extradition to Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Police Officers responded to a suspicious auto in the 700 block of West Oklahoma Street at 6:20 PM on February 26. 

As officers arrived, they encountered a suspect who fired a handgun at them. 

An officer returned fire but no one was struck. The suspect returned to his car and fled from the scene.

The officers were not injured.

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