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Susan Happ talks about Democratic AG nomination

 MADISON -- The race for Attorney General in Wisconsin matches district attorneys from neighboring counties.

Brad Schimel of Waukesha County is the Republican candidate.

On the democratic side, some people consider this a surprise, Jefferson County D.A. Susan Happ defeated Jon Richards and Ismael Ozanne by a decisive margin to win the nomination.

Some say the challenge for Happ is the fact that she's from a small county, but she says that's a strength that she thinks will help her win in November.


She says she is ready to be Wisconsin’s highest ranking lawyer.


\"It's not a matter of experience or inexperience.  It's a matter of having the heart having the energy and dedication to get the job done and keep the politics out of it.\" Happ said Wednesday.


She says the current Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen, is fighting to take away rights, and says her Republican opponent Brad Schimel would run a very similar office.

She says her views are completely different.


\"Protecting our rights and values. Protecting the right to marry who you love. Protecting the right for women to make their own health care decisions, and to make equal pay for their work.\" Happ said describing what she hopes to bring to the office.


Happ also talked about her belief in background checks for people who want to buy guns in Wisconsin, and says that is a non partisan public safety issue.


\"It’s not about infringing on people’s constitutional right to bear arms; it’s about keeping weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. People who have been convicted of felonies, people who are subject to protection orders, or mentally ill.\" she said.


She says her record in Jefferson County shows she can work with Republicans but says she's also not scared to challenge them.

She says Democrats won't get a free pass either.

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