Surveillance video captures string of vehicle break-ins in Walker's Point

NOW: Surveillance video captures string of vehicle break-ins in Walker’s Point

MILWAUKEE, WIS (CBS 58) -- Several suspects broke into multiple cars in the Walker's Point neighborhood on the evening of Feb 16. 

The crime was captured by surveillance cameras in the area. Now, several victims of this crime-spree are frustrated, and left to pay the damage. 

The crime happened on West Walker and North Hudson Wednesday night on Feb. 16. CBS 58 spoke with one of the victims who wishes not to be identified. She says she was having dinner nearby and came out to discover the damage to her vehicle.

"I came out to my car and realized my passenger window was smashed. I drive a 2020 GMC Terrain and it was $369.11 for a new window. It's super frustrating because it was expensive." 

The perpetrators didn't take anything from her car, but did take several items from the vehicles of others. They were all parked on the same street. 

"I noticed the car in front of me was hit and the two cars across the street from me were also hit. It was super annoying." 

One victim tells CBS 58 a total of eight cars were targeted that night. 

It's a pattern of crime that staff at businesses in the neighborhood like Steny's Tavern and Grill have noticed too. 

"There's been a few break-ins that have been going around the neighborhood and it sucks. It's terrible. One thing people need to remember is this is a great neighborhood. It is safe but we are on the cusp of downtown. I think people need to be vigilant of what they're doing. And I think they get overconfident because of this area. They need to lock their car doors, they need to not have things in their car. Just to make sure of these kinds of things," said JoJo Lutkus of Steny's Tavern & Grill. 

A crime serving as a reminder to be aware of your surroundings. 

"Park in a safe area. Side streets, don’t park on the side streets. We have a parking lot in front of Steny's you can park in for free, we're one of the only free lots in the city. Or park on main streets park on National, park on 1st. Then you know your stuff will be safe," said Lutkus.  

Milwaukee police say this is an ongoing investigation. The best thing you can do is lock your car doors and install an anti-theft device inside of your vehicle. 

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