Super Bowl VIP Lounge Offers Pricey Items

A $3,500 clutch? A $50,000 gold coin? A $2,500 Super Bowl hat? All those items are available at the NFL Shop in the VIP Lounge. It is a new initiative this year to give fans exactly that one of a kind item.

Those hats? Only 50 were made. That coin? It's the only one in existence. The VIP Lounge is a place for people to come and buy something to prove for life that they were at Super Bowl 50.

Many people will say that spending $2,500 on a hat is ludicrous, and for those people you can still buy a regular hat for $22. 

Among some of the other notable items in the shop are a gold football for a few thousand, numerous hats and clothing items, and a remote controlled hummer cooler with speakers inside.

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