Sunday Morning Spotlight: Time Well Spent

A local teen gives back to local veterans by spending countless hours with complete strangers, living up to teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“I love hearing their stories.  I learn so much from them.  It's amazing,” says VA volunteer, Jessica Ullberg.

Ullberg is just 16 years old and has already logged more than 800 hours at the VA Medical Center.

The Waterford High School student was honored as part of remembrance to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where those inspired by his courage under fire are asked to fulfill his legacy by giving back to the community.

Cindy Rogers, a nurse who works in the operating room department has also donated 400 hours to her local VFW and church.

“We all have talents that lie within us. We just have to take the time to do what is passionate. Because it really does make a difference in other people's life," says Rogers who was awarded for her volunteer work.

Cecelia Gore representing the Brewers Community Foundation which has partnered with the VA center on several projects including a beautification project of more than 50 trees along the Hank Aaron Trail.

And even when you have a major league baseball team backing your efforts, Gore admits it can be overwhelming when your goal is to live up to the example set by Dr. King whose words ring true long after his assassination.

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