Sunday holds a decent weather day for dads

NOW: Sunday holds a decent weather day for dads

Father's day is quickly approaching. And recently it's finally feeling like the summer season is firmly entrenched. This special day for dad's always fall on the third Sunday in June. And in recent history we've experienced a variety of weather on Father's Day. Here's a look at stats over the last six years, in Milwaukee: 

 As you can see a bit of rain is certainly not out of the question on what is typically our rainiest month. But, usually the rain doesn't put a damper on the entire day. That theme will hold true for this upcoming holiday. 
 While high pressure will be nearby, just to our east, and approaching warm front will be drawing near. In between these two weather features there is a small chance for a few light rain showers to grace the state, particularly the northern parts of Wisconsin, during the morning hours. To account for this, I've added a small chance for what would be a light and brief shower during the course of the morning. Clouds will give way to more afternoon sun and on a southerly breeze we should make it to the mid range 70s. Highs throughout the area will be in the range of 75-80° with warmest readings likely west. Any way you slice it, a pleasant day is expect on Sunday.

Beyond the weekend brace for the return of heat and humidity with 90s likely for the start of the upcoming week.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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