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Summer job program aims to reduce juvenile violence

Violence plagues Milwaukee's streets, youth are often behind the crimes or the victims themselves. A summer program aims to change that. Earn and Learn will employ more than one-thousand young people ages 14 to 21 like Diamond Farr.

\"It's a good way to learn skills and get paid for it.\"

Farr says he decided to apply after the housing authority told him about it, he's currently unemployed.

\"If you have a job you'll have things to do with your time, other than bad things, you'll be able to thrive, survive, and live.\"

The program pays 7-50 an hour, requires a social security card, and goes for six weeks. All of the people hired will work for one of 55 non profits.

Wylbur Holloway manages earn and learn, \"It's an opportunity to help out at home, some of our youth have said I'm helping out my mom, or I'm saving for school.\"

He says he's seen first hand success with it helping to keep people off the street, including one girl who was falling into gang life, instead she joined the program and today has her master's degree and works for one of the non profits.

\"At one time she was on the cusp of going the wrong way, and began this program and being in this program gave her hope, that's the big thing about this program is hope.\"

He says keeping the youth busy keeps them out of trouble, and helps them learn how to gain skills to be employable in the future.

Farr says it's the opportunity that change his life.

\"Never give up, keep going for it, no matter how many times they turn you down never give up.\"

To learn more about the Earn and Learn program and others like it, click HERE. 

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