Sub-Zero Chills Remain in Weather News This Week

NOW: Sub-Zero Chills Remain in Weather News This Week


We're stuck in a cold pattern. 

 And we've finally felt our first sub-zero day of the season in Milwaukee. It came yesterday morning. Check out these brutal morning low temperatures: 
Did you know we actually average five days a year with temps dropping into negative territory? With any amount of wind, we've battled wind chills well below zero. And that's a trend that will continue over the next week. 
 Here's a chart, courtesy of the National Weather Service. It shows the given wind chill when you combine temperature and wind. Go ahead and test a few different temperature and wind combinations to find various wind chills. It's fun!

Even for a few hours where we didn't drop below zero on the wind chill, it's been 91 hours with temperatures below the freezing mark. I think it's safe to say winter is in full force across the area!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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