Study: Which cars do owners keep the longest?

(CBS 58) – A new study has found people keep their cars for about seven years after buying it new, although there are certain cars that owners are more likely to keep for longer.

The research from iSeeCars found that the new car drivers keep the longest is the Ford Expedition, which is kept for an average of nine years before being sold. The Expedition is one of five SUVs on the list. Three sedans, a sports car, and a mini-van also made the top 10.

See the full list below:

RankModel# Years of Ownership (Avg.)
Ford Expedition
2Chevrolet Corvette9.0
3Toyota Sequoia8.9
4Toyota 4Runner8.8
5Toyota Avalon8.6
6Ford Explorer8.4
7Chevrolet Suburban8.4
8Honda Accord8.3

Ford Taurus


Honda Odyssey


Average for All Cars7.4
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