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Study: Milwaukee ranks 21 on list of U.S. cities with highest malware infection rates

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A new study shows Milwaukee has the 21st highest rate of computer viruses.

According to experts with EnigmaSoft, you’re most at risk for malware on Wednesdays and least at risk on Sundays.

Expert Tips to Protect Your PC Against Malware Infections

  • Regularly backup your data. Ideally, you should have a physical backup (external drive connected to your computer) and a cloud-based backup. Either way, set your computer to backup your files automatically and frequently. 
  • Set your computer to automatically install any operating system updates that may become available. Often, vulnerabilities creep up within outdated software leaving a system susceptible to malware threats that leverage such vulnerabilities.
  • Install a trusted anti-spyware/malware software. Adjust the settings of the security software so that updates are installed automatically.
  • Be wary of links that are sent to you in emails or social media messages. "Think about that link" before you click.

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