Students return to class after Cambria mill explosion

NOW: Students return to class after Cambria mill explosion

Students in Cambria-Friesland School District returned back to class Friday morning for the first time since Wednesday night's deadly explosion at the Didion Mill Plant.

The school sits directly behind the plant but did not suffer any damage.

School district superintendent Tim Raymond said the community is close knit and that the plant has a large footprint within the town.

Raymond says several local school districts reached out to him to offer help.

Councilors from several districts and the Red Cross will be available to any students, staff or their family members that may want to talk.

Raymond says the district is still trying to assess what needs need to be met for students and their staff.

He added that as tragic as this event is, it has brought the community closer together.

"Just walking down the street, the sense of community comes out. People who may not usually wave to each other are, just as a reminder that we are there for each other. Those sorts of things and more just remind us that we are as community strong as we want to be. And Cambria-Friesland right now is very, very community strong," Raymond said.

A graduation ceremony for nearly 30 high school seniors is still scheduled to take place on Friday evening. Last minute arraignments are being made to acknowledge the tragedy.

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